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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Drones, while being a potent force multiplier, can also be an effective weapon in the hands of rogue persons with ill intentions and sometimes even without. Given its capability to clear ground obstacles due to the nature of operations and the small size which makes it difficult to detect, it can cause damage to critical installations and VVIPs as well as intrude the privacy of an individual. A drone does not need to carry any explosives or harmful material. It can be a weapon in itself due to its speed and flying characteristics.

There have been multiple instances of drones being used to launch attacks on VVIPs, military bases, infrastructure, oil refineries, critical infrastructure, airports etc. and even invasion of privacy. Recreational drones also can cause major damage, intentionally or unintentionally.

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Our Services for Counter Drone Solution Design

With the number of technologies available today to counter the drone threat and compliance requirement associated with various technologies, it becomes imperative to have a proper solution to protect your critical infrastructure.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services to design a customized counter-drone solution for your requirement. The services include:

  • Need analysis
  • Envision and design
  • Assistance in selection of technology and vendor partner
  • Preparing rules of engagement
  • Overseeing the implementation

MitKat's Advantage

  • The team has the experience of designing UAS and counter UAS solutions for critical infrastructure in India and globally.
  • MitKat's team understands the nuances required to design a suitable counter UAS solution for areas of interest.
  • The team also understands the Global and Indian counter UAS vendor ecosystem as well as available and future technology in the space to be able to design a future proof system.
  • We understand the priorities of requirement and optimize the solution basis the risks and budget.
  • We understand the compliance required for deployment of such a solution and we can assist to liaise with the appropriate government authorities for approvals.
  • We are independent consultant working in niche Security segment and provide consultancy to our Clients neither selling or marketing any security products or OEMs/Vendors, nor do we undertake any System integration (SI) work.
  • Our Team has experience in delivering projects in various key sectors like critical infrastructure, large manufacturing plants, Safe cities, Defence bases etc.