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Organisations are continuously exposed to a host of evolving threats, which create a multitude of security risks. Security Design consulting is a principle and process driven approach to how enterprises can manage such risks. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, we work with organisations to help in identifying what can be done, what options are available and what are the associated trade-offs in terms of costs, benefits and risks. We then design the solution, by finding the right balance between security and convenience, which respects the unique culture, mission & values of each organisation.

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Security Engineering & Design – Greenfield & Brownfield Projects

When designing a new building or planning the renovation of an existing one, it is crucial that security be considered as a part of the design and planning process. Having a qualified security consultant as a part of the design team can allow organisations to construct a facility that provides maximum protection to its people, information and other assets, while at the same time, greatly reducing security operating costs.
At MitKat with our in-house professional team and experience, we assist owners, architects, engineers, and property managers with the planning of security for new construction and renovation projects. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection

The areas to be protected and extent of controls to be designed and deployed need in-depth study and understanding of the perceived threat, the vulnerability of the facility, and the cost of the controls necessary to reduce that vulnerability.
At MitKat, we carry out an in-depth analysis to understand the purpose and goals of security system design or upgrade programs, in order, to meet appropriate user requirements. 

Envisioning & Designing a Security Operation Centre (SOC)

A Security Operation Centre (SOC) or Command and Control Centre (CCC) is a centralised facility created for the security team for monitoring and analysing an Organisation’s security posture on a 24/7 basis. A SOC will detect, analyse, and respond or prevent incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes.
The development of SOC involves a logical sequence of activities, careful vetting and training of personnel, resulting in a state-of-the-art, robust, resilient and pro-active core unit. A well-functioning SOC reduces vulnerabilities, and incidences, improves security, and emergency response, assures stakeholders, curtails losses, and boosts productivity.
MitKat has vast experience of envisioning, designing, and operating state-of-the-art SOCs for leading global corporations and strategic entities.

Project Management

The development of a security system cannot be an isolated project, in most cases, it is a part of a larger effort, and impacts many other activities. It is essential in the project, to have a good project management team for coordination with related programs, conflict avoidance, and incorporation of opportunities for collaboration with other projects or actions to meet agreed timelines.
MitKat has experience of managing complex, multi-location and multi-stakeholder projects. We understand and appreciate the varying requirements and priorities of various stakeholders and help align them to project objectives and organisational goals.

Specialised Products & Solutions

MitKat’s team of experts assist in identification, selection and deployment of specialist intel, security and defence solutions for Indian markets and operating conditions. 

Security Re-Engineering & Cost Optimisation

Organisations are looking to move from guns, gates and guards to tech-enabled, process-oriented, risk-based, cost-conscious security models.
MitKat works with organisations to reduce human-dependence, re-engineer an optimum balance among people, process and technology controls, thereby leading to more business-relevant, user-friendly, efficient, consistent, robust and cost-effective security architecture

Blast Impact Analysis (BIA)

All critical facilities and establishments suffer from a fundamental vulnerability to terrorist attacks during heightened levels of security warnings.
MitKat helps it’s clients to strengthen their security posture by undertaking Blast Impact Assessment (BIA) while undertaking construction of a new facility or Blast Vulnerability Assessment (BVA) to suggest retrofitting measures for an existing facility of critical importance.

Other Security Consulting Services

  • Creation and operation of security operation procedures
  • Providing advice concerning a specific security problem or situation
  • Providing a second opinion on security-related issues
  • Conducting cost/benefit analysis of proposed security solutions

Smart City, Safe City Sonsulting Services

Planning, assessment and DPR preparation:
Survey and data collection, preparation of Concept of operations (CONOPs), Organisation design to support entire program with competencies, roles and responsibilities. Drawing operation policies, procedures and processes.

Designing intelligent technologies:
Current state assessment (Gap analysis), Analyse needs and opportunities, identify right set of system, data and technology required (future state, To-be), System design and integration planning.

RFP, tendering, vendor onboarding and project management support

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