Operational Risk Intel


AI-driven Critical Event Monitoring tool, integrating human expertise to provide risk intelligence for a resilient future.

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Critical Event Monitoring

Pre-empt organisational risks and swiftly respond to mitigate,stay ahead, stay informed, and respond swiftly with actionable real-time intelligence driven by datasurfr’s AI platform and subject matter expert analysts.

datasurfr’s cutting-edge AI tool scrapes more than 20,000 verified global data sources in over 50 languages, meticulously analysing risk events across 12 categories such as political, extremism, civil disturbance, crime, health, natural hazard, environment,  infrastructure, regulatory, technology and travel. Our first-layer analysts filter this dataset, removing noise and delivering only business-relevant risk events in near real-time. High-impact events are further contextualized, assessing business impact, and providing detailed analysis and recommendations to effectively mitigate risks. 

Data Analytics

Unlock proactive risk management with data analytics. Conduct comprehensive risk assessments and trend analysis to identify potential risks before they escalate. Our tool identifies patterns within large datasets, allowing organisations to anticipate and prepare for future risks based on past operational incidents. Learn from experiences, continuously refine your risk management framework, and stay ahead of potential challenges.

Operational Risk Reports and Advisories

Operational reports and advisories assist organisations navigate risk challenges by enhancing preparedness, mitigating risks, and fostering resilience. Timely synthesis of data, trends, expert analysis, and recommendations enables organisations to stay ahead of the curve and proactively adjust their strategies and operations. By promptly acquiring pertinent insights and intelligence, organisations can gain a thorough comprehension of the changing risk environment to facilitate well-informed decision-making processes.

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