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Risk Consulting & Security Design

Empowering businesses with expert Risk Consulting and Security Design solutions. Safeguard your assets and operations with our tailored strategies.

The Security and Safety risk landscape is constantly evolving, multi-directional, increasingly sophisticated, and of increasing velocity and intensity. MitKat’s customised risk-analysis based approach to Security and Safety supported by global standards, expertise, experience, and meticulous conduct helps organisations comprehensively monitor their threat landscape, proactively identify risks, and pre-emptively deploy robust mitigation measures to keep businesses secure.
Organisations are continuously exposed to a host of evolving threats, which create a multitude of security risks. Security Design consulting is a principle and process driven approach to how enterprises can manage such risks. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, we work with organisations to help in identifying what can be done, what options are available and what are the associated trade-offs in terms of costs, benefits and risks. We then design the solution, by finding the right balance between security and convenience, which respects the unique culture, mission & values of each organisation.

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