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MitKat is the trusted risk consulting partner to world’s most respected organisations.

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In today's rapidly evolving security landscape, organisations face multifaceted and increasingly sophisticated risks at a heightened pace. MitKat offers a tailored risk-analysis approach to security and safety, leveraging global standards, expertise, and meticulous conduct. This enables comprehensive threat monitoring, proactive risk identification, and preemptive deployment of robust mitigation measures to ensure business security. Our Security Design consulting aligns with this ethos, guiding organizations through a principle-driven process to manage evolving threats effectively. By identifying vulnerabilities and exploring available options, we strike a balance between security and convenience, respecting each organisation's unique culture, mission, and values.
Discover our comprehensive suit of protective services tailored to your needs: event security, executive protection, travel security, TSCM, and event command center support. With strategic overview and tactical expertise, we safeguard assets, personnel, and operations effectively, providing peace of mind in today’s dynamic risk environment.
The Cyberspace has become an increasingly complex environment and the threat landscape is growing and evolving quickly. The emergence of data analytics, advancement of technologies is creating new risks in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. It is imperative for organisations to gear up for the Cybersecurity challenges by formulating Cybersecurity risk assessments and implementing technology solutions to monitor and manage risks.
In today’s business landscape, success requires a balance of financial, social, and environmental priorities. Global disclosure standards have surged in the past decade, highlighting the need for transparency. The mandatory Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) for the top 1000 Listed Entities from FY 22-23 onwards underscores this shift. SEBI’s proposal for asset managers to invest based on BRSR disclosures reinforces sustainability. SEBI’s draft regulations on ESG rating agencies further promote responsible investing for a sustainable future.
MitKat has consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, providing comprehensive and meticulous services to its clients. Through thorough research, analysis, and attention to detail, the company ensures that clients can trust in the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. With a track record of success in uncovering critical insights and mitigating risks, clients can confidently entrust their needs to the company, knowing their interests are safeguarded with diligence and expertise”. Frauds are on the rise – across industries and geographies. MitKat’s fraud risk management framework helps organisations prevent, detect and investigate frauds.
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Drones, while being a potent force multiplier, can also be an effective weapon in the hands of rogue persons with ill intentions and sometimes even without. Given its capability to clear ground obstacles due to the nature of operations and the small size which makes it difficult to detect, it can cause damage to critical installations and VVIPs as well as intrude the privacy of an individual. A drone does not need to carry any explosives or harmful material and can be a weapon in itself due to its speed and flying characteristics.

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