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About Farah London DStG

Farah London DStG, is a Dame to the International Knightly Order Valiant of St George (“the Order of St. George”), Deputy Commander of the Order St George London Branch, G20 Brazil 2024, Business 30 Trade & Investment Task Force member, a Freeman of the City of London and mayoral candidate for the Mayor of London Elections 2021, as an independent candidate.

She is a visionary entrepreneur, with over 24 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she continues to drive successful initiatives across six continents in global trade and investment. Founder of an award-winning global government business forum, BACK 2 BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL. The platform has successfully facilitated hundreds of millions of trade and investment around the world. She previously held a successful career in reinsurance, as an underwriter for one of the largest international reinsurance companies, writing multi-billion-pound policies all over the world, in terrorism, political violence, political risk, kidnap & ransom including piracy and liability.

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