Purvi Poojari

HR Head

Success is not just about climbing the corporate ladder, but also about empowering and rewarding those who help you climb.

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About Purvi Poojari

Purvi Poojari is a highly skilled professional with a robust background in human resources, operations, and corporate services. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounts and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Welingkars Institute, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

In her position as Head of Human Resources and corporate services at MitKat Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, Purvi has dedicated nearly a decade to fostering a conducive environment for talent development. She oversees various aspects of employee management, from crafting job descriptions to facilitating professional growth. Purvi is a staunch advocate for initiatives promoting employee well-being, safety, and continuous development, striving to ensure that every member of the workforce feels empowered and valued.

With a strong emphasis on talent retention and a commitment to addressing concerns with empathy and resolution, Purvi works tirelessly to cultivate a culture of mutual respect and excellence. Her extensive experience spans diverse industries, including spearheading recruitment efforts at esteemed organizations like Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited and Wipro Infotech Ltd, as well as overseeing HR operations at Tops Security.

Purvi is renowned for her exceptional skills in team management, client interaction, negotiations and vendor management. She boasts a proven track record of enhancing operational systems and processes to align with organizational missions and goals, driven by her deep-seated passion for nurturing individuals and contributing to organizational effectiveness.

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