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What kind of technology do you use?

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Client Feedback

Happy Words From Happy Customer

Thanks for all your support provided with regular information on potential crisis and appreciate your quick turnaround on our swift requests as well.

Tata Consultancy Services

We truly appreciate the valuable support provided by MitKat to the Standard Chartered bank and also larger risk management community over the years.

Standard Chartered

You people are doing great work in risk consulting, uplifting our hopes. Your advisories during Covid- pandemic crisis, have helped many Organisations in strategic planning and business continuity.


I would like to thank the whole of MitKat team for their tireless effort to keep your clients day and night updated about the COVID crisis scenario. It is quite appreciated!


You have been exceptional MitKat team. And you have marked up your material, presentations, reports over time.

Morgan Stanley

Heartiest congratulations for excellent work being done by Team MitKat. In these difficult times, any information I need in regards to the pandemic situation, I know I can always look up to the very regular and comprehensive reports from your team.


MitKat carried out Fire Safety Audit for its 700+ branches pan-India. MitKat completed the assignment well within the timeline with a very professional approach and delivered with high quality standards.

Axis Bank

MitKat has provided strategic support to the ASIAN in its seismic projects both in India and overseas - managing community affairs & maintaining effective liaison with the local authorities, in areas as diverse as North Eastern India and Kurdistan.

Asian Oilfield

MitKat team is doing phenomenal job of collating information and sharing with their clients which I am sure the clients are using/would use these inputs for their business operations and safety of employees. You all have done an amazing job during difficult times and please continue the same.


We are really thankful to the MitKat team for the extra ordinary support extended in this critical time. Your team is really quick in answering the queries and responsible in validating the news from the social media. You have amazing team, passionate and committed to work, politely answering all queries and delivering the great commitment with highest level of satisfaction.


MitKat’s reports and alerts are timely, granular to a great degree and provide good ground level information. They are exactly what we need, since we blindly copy-paste the relevant sections as required into our internal reports. Your alerts provide crisp and functional recommendations, not vague and exaggerated ones.

Black Veatch

Would like to convey a sincere thanks to the entire team of MitKat for the excellent execution of the training on "Advanced Executive Protection”. The value adds that were extended beyond the scope of the training program are truly appreciated.


Heartiest Congratulations to Team MitKat Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. on completion of 10 successful years in the field of Safety and Security. MitKat is well known around the Globe nowadays for its professional acumen and service to the society. It's a tremendous achievement within a decade with strong competition around.

Future Group