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MitKat is the trusted risk intelligence partner to world’s most respected organisations. MitKat’s AI-enabled ‘Risk Tracker’ platform enables us to monitor and analyse an array of geo-political, socio-economic, environmental, health, safety, technology and regulatory risks impacting your business, and our customised alerts and advisories help you stay ahead of the events.

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Risk Monitoring Platform (MitKat Risk Tracker) and Mobile Application

MitKat’s Risk Monitoring Platform provides you exclusive information about current and relevant events that could impact business operations, employee movement or corporate security/safety. Customised event notifications through the mobile application version provide live monitoring of relevant events for seamless operations.

Customised Risk Management Search Engine and Dashboards

Risk and Intelligence Monitoring Engine (RIME) is an AI-powered search engine for round the clock threat intelligence monitoring, with the capability of customisation for specific interests and locations. Bespoke situation specific dashboards can provide comprehensive coverage of complex scenarios with a user-friendly interface.

Protective Intelligence

MitKat’s Protective Intelligence Services provide specific and actionable intelligence to ensure safety of organisations, employees, brands and assets.

Alerts and Advisory Services

MitKat’s Alerts and Advisory Services assist business heads, corporate security professionals and business resilience managers to plan for operational and security risks, work out mitigation measures and implement security/safety plans for corporates.

Command Centre Operations

MitKat’s team of security analysts and professionals can help you set up, operate and manage your Command Centre Operations. This could be in location at your site or remotely.

Travel Risk Management

Business travellers are often exposed to multiple safety and security risks, especially in India and South Asia. MitKat’s Travel Risk Management Services can assist expatriates, local employees, and especially women employees to travel safely.

Country/ State/ City/ Location Risk Assessments

Operations in new or high risk environments necessitate high quality risk assessments to enable organisations to plan and conduct secure business operations. MitKat’s Risk Assessments provide organisations with country/state/city/location specific risk reports aligned to their business objectives.

Bespoke Research and Analysis

MitKat’s Bespoke Research and Analysis Services provide client-specific reports with comprehensive and strategic risk assessment covering all variables that may impact operations in complex environments. The analysis is customised for better risk mitigation and to enable decision-making.

24x7 Helpline

‘Follow the Sun’ operational environment for multi-national and trans-national companies implies that they need to have a central point of contact, where their employees and business heads can fall back upon, for information and assistance. MitKat’s 24x7 helpline provides support through multi-pronged accessibility.