Lt Gen Sudhir Sharma PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM


Culture is the habitat in which strategy thrives or withers. While culture defines engagement, passion and execution, it also includes the core values of the company and its employees. MitKat gives primacy to culture as the bedrock and inherent founding pillar of the company.

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About Lt Gen Sudhir Sharma

Lt Gen Sudhir Sharma has handled distinguished leadership, staff, instructional and diplomatic assignments, including command of the largest operational force in the world. He has lead and modernized the logistics of the 1.3 million-strong Indian Army, and was India’s Defence Attaché in London. He has been on the Board/Panel of Advisors/Governors of large Indian/global corporations.

He is an acknowledged thought leader and expert on defence, homeland and corporate security. He advises corporations, defence, diplomatic and homeland security (HLS) think-tanks, and is a speaker and author of repute. He has been providing his valuable insights on the most salient economic and political risk factors hovering over the globe, in major international forums like The Horasis Annual Meeting, Switzerland & Ireland, Global Arab Summit, Secure Tech etc.

He has been decorated for gallantry as well as distinguished service. He has been felicitated on two occasions by the President of India for leadership and devotion to duty and country. A strong votary of safe, secure, responsible and sustainable development, General Sharma is passionate about ecology, environment and entrepreneurship. He is a well-recognized leadership coach and has mentored startups, and helped them realize their potential.

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