Sushil Pradhan

Executive Director & COO

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About Sushil Pradhan

Sushil Pradhan is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in leadership and management roles within complex operations, supervising diverse teams and managing challenging programs/assignments within India and abroad. He has provided customised Risk Management solutions to a variety of MNCs and Indian companies; in Myanmar, Iraq, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and difficult geographies of India.

He is a prolific speaker in several influential and high profile industry forums not only in India but also at London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Beijing, Colombo and Dhaka; and is a sought after keynote speaker and moderator in industry panel discussions. To his credit various articles published in industry and strategic journals; and has also made several appearances as a security/defence expert on national television.

He has been conducting security audits and assessments across the world for data centres, IT parks, schools, manufacturing plants, offices and banks. He is also much in demand for conducting crisis simulation exercises for corporate management teams, and other forms of risk/security/safety training. In addition to an MBA from Pune University, he has an MSc (in Defence and Strategic Studies) and MPhil (in National Security Studies).

During his 22 years in the military (he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Indian Army), Sushil handled combat, instructional, staff and multi-national assignments. He was decorated for gallantry in Counter-Terrorist operations; trained in commando operations, counter-insurgency and jungle warfare; and has served extensively in the Himalayan high-altitudes. He was also responsible for preparation of policy documents, doctrines, geo-political assessments and geo-strategic approach papers.

He has been a combat trainer in tactics, anti-tank missiles and fighting vehicles; having trained officers and soldiers of several countries. He was a UN Peacekeeper in Sierra Leone in West Africa; and has been awarded the UN Medal. He trained International UN peacekeepers in the United Nations Training Centre of the Bundeswehr (Germany) on hostage negotiation, mine awareness, cultural sensitisation, and protection of civilians in war zones.

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